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Eagle Eye Gaming Merge!

Link to Matrix Gaming: Matrix Gaming Forums.

What is this about?

Eagle Eye Gaming will be merging with a different clan. After quite a bit of discussion, we decided it would be a good idea to continue EEG's community, but along side another community called Matrix Gaming. For more details, please continue reading below.

Who is EEG merging with?

Eagle Eye Gaming is merging with Matrix Gaming, a friendly gaming community that branched off of EEG when I announced the shutdown.

Which servers will be kept running?

Matrix Gaming currently has their own TTT server. They will also be hosting EEG's old Prophunt and Death Run server. So those who didn't want those servers to shut down can celebrate ;).

How will this effect my rank on the servers?

Those who are existing members will keep their member rank and it will transfer over to MG. Those with staff positions on the DR and PH server will also keep their rank. You must re-apply on their forums (link at bottom of page and top).

Do they have a website?

Yes, their website can be found at